Thermal Emergency Sleeping Bag

Thermal Emergency Blanket


Thermal Emergency Sleeping Bag

Description: Thermal emergency sleeping bag for full body coverage Thermal Emergency Sleeping Bag is made from the same high quality polyester film as the themal emergency blanket, but is has been specially designed to form a bag to provide full body coverage when someone is at rest.

In use around the world by militaries, medical personnel, disaster preparedness and relief agencies, search and rescue groups, the thermal emergency sleeping bag provides comfort, warmth,security and safety of personal thermal reflectants against the cold.Captures and helps to retain over 90% of a persons radiated body heat. Windproof, lightweight and compact.

Features of the thermal emergency sleeping bag:
1. Keep in your vehicles, bug-out bags, day-packs for survival in emergency exposure situations.
2. Use outside or inside (even both) your regular sleeping bag for added thermal & dryness protection.
3. Greatly increase hypothermia resistance from prolonged emergency exposure when hiking or traveling.
4. Use for sporting events as a spectator or even as an athlete to reflect and retain 90% of body heat.
5. Being wind and waterproof, a second bag enables use as rain protection or wind break for shelter.
6. New gold color greatly enhances signaling visibility for rescuers if you are lost in snow covered areas.
7. Silver color side enhances use as a rescue signaling device in non-snow terrain. Warning: Avoid suffocation, don't enter head first & keep clear of face. Children should use only under close adult supervision.


Product Name: Thermal Emergency Sleeping Bag
Product Code: 6304
Size: 91×213cm, 93×220cm
Material: 1ply metalized polyester film, adhesive tape
Quality: metalized polyester film 0.015 mic
Color: polyester film(silver/silver, gold/silver, military green/sliver)
Packing: 1pcs/bag, 250bags/ctn, customize packing available